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November 6, 2018 Election Results

If you, like me, are looking for a place to find complete elections results for all of the ballot items from the elections this past November 6th, here is a resource to give you just that information.

Complete Kern County Election Results

Rosamond Walks Begins May 01, 2018

As someone who loves to walk, seeing the health and wellness benefits of it, I decided to offer a free to the community walking class. This will be a group walk, for all who attend, to get people moving. Inactivity is a big issue in our country, with so many sitting for a big part of the day, at work or at home. Regular physical activity is a good thing and I walk daily.

There is a small workbook, to give the highlights of walking and what you can do to become more active through walking. It is provided, again at no cost here, as well as in print for those who attend this class.

Two Days of Walking Per Week

Exactly which one you attend (or both) is entirely up to you. Doing additional walking or other physical activity is also up to you, but highly encouraged. As always, consult with a physican prior to starting any physical activity. The walking course, both roughly a mile each, are below and will also be provided as an addendum to the guide.

Tuesday Evening Walk (6:30 PM)

Tuesday Evening Walk

The walk will start around Taco Bell on Rosamond Blvd, following a brief bit of information. We will proceed down Rosamond Blvd to 30th Street West. Doubling back down Rosamond Blvd, we will take a left at Taco Bell towards the old Rite Aid location and turn right, following the sidewalk to the 25th Street West. Taking a right at 25th Street West towards Rosamond Blvd and a left to return to Taco Bell.

Saturday Morning Walk (9:00 AM)

Saturday Morning Walk

The walk will start around 15th Street West and Rosamond Blvd, following a brief bit of information. We will proceed down Rosamond Blvd to Sierra Hwy. After crossing the street, turn left and proceed back down to 15th Street West. Crossing the street twice at 15th Street West and Rosamond Blvd, to return to where we started.

Complete 10 page guide (including front and back cover pages)
ebook format | 2 sided print format

Walking Routes
ebook format | 2 sided print format

Products have landed

Using an outside print on demand vendor, CafePress, Explore Rosamond is developing a series of branded products which will allow you to show off your love for the area, as well as supporting Explore Rosamond. The products area of the site is where you will find the available products, all purchasable through CafePress.

Rosamond Water Rate Hike 2016

So folks, here we are June 16th, 2016 and tonight at 7PM the Rosamond Community Service District (RCSD) will hear comments from the community regarding a proposed water rate hike. Despite a reduction in water usage (2,540 acre-feet of water in 2014 compared to 3,100 in 2009, prior to new rates) and this is with an “increase of approximately 80 customers per year for both system”, water and sewage. The reasoning for the rates are four fold (according to the report):

  • Adjudication of the Antelope Valley Groundwater Basin, which will result in a court mandated precipitous ramp down of the District’s groundwater pumping allowances from 2885 acre-feet/year (afy) to 404 afy. This reduction in groundwater pumping will be offset by costly imported water from the State Water Project.
  • The need to establish a fund for groundwater banking to meet RCSD’s water demands during dry years.
  • Incorporating new Capital Improvement & Replacement program into rates for the study period.
  • New requirements for Chromium 6 which may require blending with purchased (imported) water.

Whether you are for or against these new rates, which will take a 5/8″ meter from $20.00 for base service rate to $34.89, according to the report, please take the time this evening and show up to voice your opinion. This affects all Rosamond citizens, not just those who pay for water and sewage services. Whether you pay RCSD directly, pay through a landlord or are on a well, this price jump can and does affect us all.

18 Page Report dated April 18, 2016: http://www.rosamondcsd.com/home/showdocument?id=885

A note from The Rosamond Project:

If you haven’t turned in your protest on the water rate increase (Here is your last chance). they will be accepted tonight at the hearing Thursday June 16,2016. Property owners and renters can protest the rate increase. They must be in a sealed addressed envelope.

Addressed to:

Rosamond Community Service District
Attn: Lizette Guerrero, Board Secretary
RE: Water and Sewer Rate Study
3179 35th Street West
Rosamond, CA 93560

You can print one from The Rosamond Project or pick one up at the meeting tonight at 7PM. Explore Rosamond will be there with printed copies and some envelopes. IF you have an envelope, bring it as supplies will be limited.

Events Have Landed

After much debating (with myself), the events were moved over successfully to ExploreRosamond.com from the old EyeOnRosamond.com web site. Rather than maintaining two separate sites for different intended purposes, the goal now is to create a one stop location for all things Rosamond related.

Hope you enjoy,

Business Removals

Keep in mind that Explore Rosamond’s business directory is for businesses in Rosamond. If your business relocates elsewhere, you will be removed from our site. It is nothing against you or your business. It is the goal of this site to help businesses actually located here.

Best regards,

RSS Feed Sources Updated

I have updated the list of news sources for this site to exclude ABC23, as most of the stories they provide access to are not for Rosamond itself. You can search for Rosamond News stories on their site and get access to them directly, but there is no way for me to add them to the news section of this site. I apologize for this inconvenience.

I have also modified what is pulled in from the Mojave Desert News, with 100 results now appearing in the news section, up from the 11 previously there.

I am constantly working to improve the flow of information into this valuable resource for Rosamond, CA.

Listing Business Hours

The first round of listing operating hours has been completed. If an open and close time is listed for a particular day of the week, those hours are shown. Otherwise, the word Closed is shown.

Alternatively, hours can be hidden with the use of a single checkbox.

Upcoming additions: The ability to manage your own previously added business listings. Stay tuned.

Social Icons Have Landed

After some personal debate, I decided to go ahead and throw in an option to show the following social icons:

  • Facebook
  • Google Plus
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter

Others may be added over time, but wanted to get some of the more popular ones out there. The icons are blue squares with a rounded corner and are custom using logos from the various sites. Social icons will show underneath the business website link in the right column near the top of the single business listing page.

Additional features are planned including operating hours. Stay tuned.

Mobile Site Reflow

Walking through the site to fix the mobile layout. I have change things within the mobile setup to allow the phone number to be pushed down below the address in the Business Directory. The Business Directory main page is now set to a single column.

Phone numbers are now clickable on phones.