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Rosamond Water Rate Hike 2016

So folks, here we are June 16th, 2016 and tonight at 7PM the Rosamond Community Service District (RCSD) will hear comments from the community regarding a proposed water rate hike. Despite a reduction in water usage (2,540 acre-feet of water in 2014 compared to 3,100 in 2009, prior to new rates) and this is with an “increase of approximately 80 customers per year for both system”, water and sewage. The reasoning for the rates are four fold (according to the report):

  • Adjudication of the Antelope Valley Groundwater Basin, which will result in a court mandated precipitous ramp down of the District’s groundwater pumping allowances from 2885 acre-feet/year (afy) to 404 afy. This reduction in groundwater pumping will be offset by costly imported water from the State Water Project.
  • The need to establish a fund for groundwater banking to meet RCSD’s water demands during dry years.
  • Incorporating new Capital Improvement & Replacement program into rates for the study period.
  • New requirements for Chromium 6 which may require blending with purchased (imported) water.

Whether you are for or against these new rates, which will take a 5/8″ meter from $20.00 for base service rate to $34.89, according to the report, please take the time this evening and show up to voice your opinion. This affects all Rosamond citizens, not just those who pay for water and sewage services. Whether you pay RCSD directly, pay through a landlord or are on a well, this price jump can and does affect us all.

18 Page Report dated April 18, 2016: http://www.rosamondcsd.com/home/showdocument?id=885

A note from The Rosamond Project:

If you haven’t turned in your protest on the water rate increase (Here is your last chance). they will be accepted tonight at the hearing Thursday June 16,2016. Property owners and renters can protest the rate increase. They must be in a sealed addressed envelope.

Addressed to:

Rosamond Community Service District
Attn: Lizette Guerrero, Board Secretary
RE: Water and Sewer Rate Study
3179 35th Street West
Rosamond, CA 93560

You can print one from The Rosamond Project or pick one up at the meeting tonight at 7PM. Explore Rosamond will be there with printed copies and some envelopes. IF you have an envelope, bring it as supplies will be limited.